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Text, Intertextuality, Meta and You!

I defy your paltry labels
14 October
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This is the story of my exciting(ish) life. Neurotic, Quixotic. The highs, the lows, the angst, the woes. No one takes me seriously, least of all myself. A bit of RL, with a generous sprinkling of fandom. I (rather delusionally) fancy myself a writer, though all I will ever deign to post on here is the occasional fic, mostly of the slashy variety. These you may choose either not to read, or to read and be heartily offended, whichever brings you most joy.


This is my HP geek code. Isn't it exciting? Cookies if you can figure it out.

BDH MOP1* SS+DM GW- B+++++++***QB M+++ C++ F++/| HP/DM!